Discontinued Moorcroft Enamels Ranges - updated 11 February 2012

We have pieces available from the following ranges. If you know the name of the piece that you are looking for, please press Ctrl and F keys simultaneously on your keyboard and type the name into the box, then press the Return key. All our prices include VAT. All our stock comes direct from Moorcroft, and we do not stock seconds or rejects.

Design Code Shape Price Artist L/E
Hisperian Carp B/HC BRONTE BOX 434.00 250
Frog 80/F VASE 635.00 SS 50
Puffins PEX/P BOX 429.00   75
Terns PL/T BOX 383.00   75
Merlin 146/M VASE £489.00 TH 75
Kestrel 7/K VASE £413.00 TH 75
Raggiana Bird L769/RPB GINGER JAR £352.00   50
Road to Extinction 4/RE VASE 14925.00 SD 50
Hunters 4/H VASE 996.00 TH 75
Le Jardin PEX/FY BOX 434.00   150
Redwing 4/RW VASE 373.00
Moorland Images PL/M1 BOX 659.00 TH 75
Zebra Finch 00 198/ZF VASE 281.00 SS 100
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